Free Range Eggs

Our finest quality Free Range Eggs, are laid in farms with a maximum density of 1,000 hens per acre. This gives each hen 4 sq. mtr. space in the outdoors. Our hens spend their days foraging through pastures full of natural grass, pecking at fruits and enjoying their time chasing bees and insects. They relax under the shade of our coconut tress during the day and freshen up with dust baths everyday.

By choosing our fresh free range eggs, you are supporting a hen to roam freely and have a happy and healthy life.

Our eggs are delivered directly from the farm to the store, to ensure that only the best quality free range eggs, make it to your table.

Available at selected stores in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune & Delhi.

Hens have access to outdoor space for a minimum of 8 hours per day

Their diet does not contain any antibiotics, growth promoters, yolk colouring agents or any such substance.

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Hens have 4m2 of outdoor space for our hens which is equivalent to EU standard

Our Farm
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